The complete guide to making your investment in B2B marketing automation profitable in just one month

To carry out their digital strategies and achieve their objectives, companies equip themselves with key tools, such as marketing automation. It helps automate complex tasks and processes. This is essential to improve the management of its leads, to offer an enriched experience to its customers and prospects and to boost its profitability.

Companies are well aware of these advantages: 40% of those who are not yet using marketing automation plan to adopt it soon (Liana Technologies study).

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To help these new companies that are equipping themselves with a B2B marketing automation tool, Plezi has published a guide with a multi-step plan. Objective: to make this investment profitable in just one month!


Boost your lead generation with powerful marketing levers

In this white paper, Plezi unveils a schedule of actions to take to get the most out of your investment as quickly as possible. The first steps consist in putting in place the right marketing levers in order to achieve an objective: to generate more leads.

To achieve this, you must first create forms that will collect strategic information about your prospects, such as their job or the industry in which they work. Several types of forms are to be set up, including those for requesting a demonstration. Be careful, however, to place them on the appropriate page and to put a call-to-action (CTA) on the home page.

The contact and download forms for a commercial brochure are also good choices to start with. By getting this guide, you will discover two more techniques to generate your first customers from marketing automation.

To transform your anonymous visitors into qualified prospects, you should not neglect landing pages either. These aim to generate conversions by encouraging Internet users to carry out a specific action, for example downloading an ebook. They are the cornerstones of any inbound marketing strategy. In this white paper, Plezi offers you three examples of the structure to adopt to create your different landing pages.


Automation, the key to accelerating the sales cycle

Once the first prospects have been generated, comes the next step: successfully qualifying them to accelerate their decision-making. Automation plays a central role in achieving this goal. Here again, Plezi accompanies you hand in hand in the various tasks to be accomplished.

The first is to map your content according to your sales cycle. For example, it is not relevant to send the link of a demo to a cold prospect. The goal is to attract his attention, in particular through broad content such as a blog article. To help you avoid missteps, Plezi’s experts explain the objective to be achieved and the type of content to send for each phase of the sales cycle.

In order to determine the most advanced prospects in the buying cycle, it is necessary to define lead scoring. Simply put, it allows you to assess the maturity of leads and know which ones are ready to be solicited. This guide will allow you to become familiar with the existing types of scoring, and to obtain advice for setting up a successful scoring strategy.

These are just a few of the steps you need to take to generate a positive ROI from your tool. By getting this white paper, you will also get tips to increase your sales. The Plezi teams also reveal to you the actions to be implemented over the long term to make your marketing automation strategy a success. To discover them, don’t forget to download the guide.


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