Marauders Money Farm – Best way to collect money, gear and weapons.

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If you want to earn as much money as possible in Marauders, you need to farm for it using only the best methods. Luckily, at Pro Game Guides, we have only the best farming methods to earn tons of cash and lots of gear such as armor and weapons. Here’s everything you need to know about farming, armor, and weapons in Marauders.

How to Farm Money, Gear, and Weapons in Marauders

To collect money and other items such as weapons and armor, you should focus on raiding damaged capital ships. You can also farm merchant ships, but higher level AI with high level gear seems to only appear on capital ships. You may also encounter fewer players on capital ships, as they primarily attack the main raid target, merchant ships, and other player ships. That said, on damaged Capital Ships, you can find several high-level AIs called Commandos. Commandos will have end-game gear in their inventories, such as the following items listed below:

  • Full panzer armor
  • armored armor
  • Helmet Hey Stahlhelm
  • Lightweight Stahlhelm Helmet
  • beauty rifle
  • MG-42
  • STG-44

Gathering the above items from dead commandos will get you enough armor and weapons to use and money if you sell them. In short, the gear and weapons you can find on Commandos can sell for a ton of money in Marauders. You can also find valuable CE Intel documents near the ship’s control/cockpit which can sell for around 7,000.

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For this reason, we recommend that you cultivate and sell weapons and armor that you can obtain from dead Commandos and collect the CE Intel document. However, before you start farming capital ships, we recommend only picking up a weak gun or weapon to minimize potential gear loss if you die. You should also bring a decent backpack to fit at least one Full Panzer Armor chest piece inside the bag.

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Where to find capital ships in Marauders

If you want to find a capital ship in Marauders, you need to look for a long smoking ship floating somewhere near the main raid target in Marauders. But remember that capital ships don’t always spawn, so if you don’t see a capital ship after searching, it’s probably not on the map you’re currently on. Either way, we recommend searching the immediate area near the Raid target and trying to locate the Captial ship as shown below.

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When hunting capital ships, keep an eye out for smoldering ships with active turrets like the one in the image above. If you start to catch fire from a Captial Ship, fly under the ship to avoid being damaged or try to disable the cannon. If the Captial ship is moving, it is not the ship you are looking for and is instead a player-controlled ship. However, if you don’t see any Captial Ships, then the ship probably didn’t appear in your match. In this situation, you’re better off leaving, chasing a merchant ship, or just trying your luck on the raid’s main target.

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How to Escape Captial Ships in Marauders

After looting the capital ships in Marauders, you need to locate the escape pod room on the capital ship. You can find the escape pod room on the upper level of the ship, close to the control room. We recommend using Escape pods to exit the Raid or return to your ship.

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Where to find the Intel CE document on capital ships in Marauders

If you want to find and loot the CE Intel document on the Captial Ship in Marauders, you need to fight your way to the ship’s control room. Using stairs, you can reach the control room by progressing up the ship. Eventually, as you move up the ship, you should find a room like the image below. You can find the CE Intel document sitting on a table inside the room, but be careful as there will be around two commandos inside the room.

Where do players board Captial Ships in Marauders?

When players board the Captial Ship, they board somewhere near the barracks, bunk beds, and a small kitchen on the left or right side of the ship. Because of this, you can set up ambushes for rival marauders whenever you hear a loud crash near the barracks on the right or left side of a capital ship.

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