Higher education: tuition fees for major business schools have exploded in ten years in Toulouse

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Despite tuition fees that have skyrocketed in ten years, thousands of students in Toulouse spend more than 40,000 euros for a three-year course. TBS Education assures that “97% of graduates find a job within four months”.

If the student does not choose university, higher education in a private business or management school, in a business school, can very quickly amount to tens of thousands of euros. For middle-income households, this is like a financial sacrifice.

“Last year, for her first year at TBS, we had to pay nearly 12,000 euros for my daughter who chose to study commerce. She did a six-month internship in Norway, where she had to be housed and sent money because life there is very expensive. This year, she moved to Barcelona, ​​for another internship, we pay her a rent of 900 euros, we got there too late to have accommodation on a campus. »

Martin (the first name has been changed), domiciled on the outskirts of Toulouse and father of the student, admits “that it is a significant budget, but shared in view of the cost of three years’ schooling, my daughter will borrow part”.

TBS Education, over 40% in ten years

Of the 6,000 students welcomed this year at TBS Education, newly baptized and most of whose Toulouse campus at Compans-Caffarelli is a veritable institution, a certain number have bet “big” on their higher education, or even have in debt even before entering the labor market.

In a long survey “on the evolution of tuition fees”, published last August, “Mister Prépa”, the online media for preparatory students, shows a singular surge in tuition fees in the space of ten years: It is more than 70% for certain renowned Grandes Ecoles – ESCP Business School with courses at 54,730 euros or HECParis (+62.74%) – and it is “40.70%” for TBS Education. Amount of a bachelor’s degree, the trifle of 40,000 euros for three years of study.

“The student knows what it costs him”

“It’s 40,450 euros for three years, specifies the director of cabinet of TBS Education Arnaud Thersiquel. Contrary to other schools which function with inflation, the student knows when he returns to us what his schooling will cost him”.

The increase in tuition fees (+40.20% in ten years), noted in the Mister Prepa survey, is not called into question by the Toulouse business school, which has claimed a total change of direction for the past ten years. years: the creation of an incubator, various partnerships, double the number of professors, double the number of students, etc. A sign that the school is doing well, TBSEducation is investing 120 million euros in its new campus.

Several trends explain the increase

However, some work-study courses can cost the student only one year, ie 12,000 euros, the rest being paid for by the employer. Finally, the school welcomes a third of scholarship students in Toulouse (out of a total of 3,000), for whom tuition fees can be covered up to 50% in view of the social situation of the student.

“Rare” public funding

Several trends emerge from the media survey of preparatory students. The main reasons for the general rise in prices are elsewhere: the survey estimates that “public funding is increasingly rare”, that “the desire of schools to remain competitive on the education market at internationally against the best schools in the world” and that the schools have invested massively in “improving the teaching environment”.

On leaving a bachelor’s degree, it is better to find a job quickly. Arnaud Thersiquel assures that “97% of students graduating from an internationally recognized double degree find a job four months after leaving school. »

TBS Education in the top 20 most expensive schools in France

With a three-year course that costs the student more than 40,000 euros, TBS Education – based in Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona and Casablanca – ranks in the top 20 of the most expensive grandes écoles in France, in the survey published by the preparatory student online media “Mister Prepa”. In the lead, we find the immutable HEC Paris whose tuition fees reach 58,100 euros, an increase of 62.47% in ten years. In second place, ESCP Business school charges 54,730 euros for studies, but they are 71% more expensive than in 2011. In third place comes ESSEC Business school which, despite expensive tuition fees of 53,780 euros, has only increased its prices by 39.69% in ten years. “The projection provided by Mister Prepa for 2031 puts us at 53,777 euros, which is slow growth compared to our competitors”, indicates the director of cabinet of TBS Arnaud Thersiquel.

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