Boticário de Campinas stores offer 39 sets to surprise on Father’s Day | Special Advertising – Concept Communication

Boticário de Campinas stores offer 39 sets to surprise on Father’s Day | Special Advertising – Communication Concept

The Boticário stores in Campinas and the region are already ready to receive customers looking for the best gift for the Fathers Day. The brand presents an innovative selection of gift sets to surprise and excite on this date. There are 39 kits with the concept Technology and connection: my world is your world – designed to strengthen the bond between father and son through the sharing of experiences. Among the options are fragrance items from portfolio classics – 14 of which are limited editions with a benefit in addition to the gift, which can be selected on the More pharmacist gift. The platform for the gift category is unique and is designed to allow the recipient to choose one more gift from the different categories available: personal care, food & beverage, fitness, souvenirs and entertainment – that is, This is a giveaway to surprise everyone parent profiles by date. Availability depends on region and can be checked from the registry.

Among the highlights of this year, health and safety kit with two cologne deodorants: Arbo Botanic Deodorant Colognewhich brings the invigorating ENERGY accord composed of sage – an ingredient proven by neuroscience to induce the feeling of energy that nature gives and the classic Arbo Deodorant Cologne, with exclusive notes captured in the mountain air, for those who want to break free from routine, citrus fruits and nature come together for a soothing and invigorating rest. A hit with consumers, the fragrance brings a unique combination of the freshness of mint with green notes and sandalwood, perfect for men whose nature is freedom. The kit with the Arbo fragrance duo also has differentiated packaging in the form of a suitcase, a separate gift for the recipient.

Arbo gift box (2 pieces).

O Egeo Kit is another highlight and brings together three elements: Egeo Original Deodorant Cologne, which combines cozy musk notes with the contrast of fresh notes and the warmth of amber, creating a fragrance perfect for any occasion, from a party to a formal event; O Egeo Original Body Shower Gela practical item to accompany the routine, which can be applied all over the body and forms a soft foam that cleans and perfumes the skin, in addition to the organizer bag, an accessory that allows you to carry items safely.

O Malbec kit is the darling of perfume lovers and brings together two cologne deodorants, Classic Malbec, the first fragrance of the line and the brand’s bestseller, composed of fresh and woody notes based on plum, oak and vanilla, with warm woody notes that combine with a fruity freshness, leading to a fragrance unforgettable masculine, drier and less sweet. ; Beyond Blue Malbecwhich exclusively combines the power and sensuality of the woody notes of sandalwood and oak moss with the intense and refined freshness of the marine notes of Aquozone®.

Malbec box (4 pieces).

To impress the most diverse parenting profiles, other consumer favorite scents stand out as excellent date night gift options, such as: First aid kit 214, with Botica 214 Dark Mint Cologne Deodorant; Botica 214 Dark Mint Shower Gel and Toiletry Bag; Malbec Club Kitthe first set of razors, exclusive to Malbec, with body moisturizer and antiperspirant; uniform for menwith deodorant and shower gel for men 3 in 1; Seed kit, with Seed Cologne deodorant, shower gel and toiletry bag; and Kit Portinariwith shower gel, cologne deodorant and antiperspirant.

Malbec Club box (3 products).

Seed gift set (3 pieces).

The Malbec Premium Kit is the main kit for lovers of the line; there are four items, namely: Classic Malbec Cologne deodorant, Malbec Gold Cologne deodorant, moisturizing lotion and shower gel for hair and body, in addition to an exclusive eco-leather storage box. Boticário’s gift options are designed for all tastes and budgets, with BRL99.90 to BRL389.90.

All Boticário gifts are available on all brand channels: physical stores, e-commerce and official retailers. Plus, the payment options are endless, like interest-free installments in up to 10 installments. And, depending on the amount invested, also Pix, WhatsApp Pay and many others that suit different needs and wallets.

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