18 business ideas to launch in 2022

Translation of an article by Jamie Walker originally published on Maddyness UK.

1. Take an interest in NFTs

Who really understood what NFTs were for (non-fungible tokens, or “non-fungible tokens” in good French). Now is the time to take a serious look at these tamper-proof digital certificates of ownership that are shaking up the art market. In 2021, this new market already represented 40 billion dollars… or 10 billion dollars less than its physical competitor. Did these figures arouse your curiosity? The Ethereum digital platform has concocted a short guide to get started here.

2. Produce your own newsletter

Creating a newsletter on a specific theme is a good way to federate a community sharing the same interests as you. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly… whatever the frequency, as long as it offers content combining relevant information, announcements, offers and trends.

It is not a business in itself, but an excellent marketing tool to promote your brand or develop a business using the influence of your subscribers. It can also be used to direct readers to its products or set up a paid advertising system.

3. Hold a stall at the market

The oldest ideas are the best. Do you make jewelry? Are you a fan of homemade hot sauce? Why not present them at the local market? Epicenter of conviviality and proximity, the non-sedentary trade is an excellent way to test, not only the interest of your products, but also your brand image. And, of course, to develop your network while meeting merchants with whom to exchange advice and best practices.

4. Become a wellness coach

The Covid having somewhat abused our mental health and freed speech, there is a niche to take on the well-being side. Notice to yoga, meditation, quidditch or fitness enthusiasts, but also to aficionados of personal development or rigology. Any activity that helps with anxiety, depression, and loneliness can potentially appeal to anyone who needs an outlet. Your hobby may hide a professional activity or, who knows, a retraining.

5. Pass the driving instructor diploma

The long queues to pass the driving test prove that this learning market has not dried up. The advantage, if you choose to be an independent driving instructor, is that you can choose your working hours. If there are several training courses, this profession is only accessible with a specific diploma, provided by approved centres.

6. Walk other people’s doggies!

The end of 100% telework has come and employees are back in the office. Too bad for all the pets who had become accustomed to this pleasant presence. What if you were the savior of employees who refuse to leave their dog alone with his bowl and want to take care of their pet? Getting started is simple: create a simple but effective website with your name, contact information and rates. All that remains is to circulate the QR code of this new activity to find your prospects and customers!

7. Go freelance

Plus 33% in 6 years: freelancing is on the rise. Do you want to join the community of 1 million solopreneurs and deconstruct 4 received ideas about this status? First choose the skill you want to monetize (writer, web developer, data scientist). Next step: create a profile on the many freelance platforms: Fiverr, Upwork, Malt, 99designs, Codeur, 404Works, Kang… There are almost as many as dating apps.

8. Create websites

All businesses, even the smallest ones, need a showcase. Certainly, today we can create one quickly without even knowing how to code. But to stand out from the competition, it is always better to delegate this task to connoisseurs… namely to web designers! Whether we like it or not, marketing does rain and shine on consumer behavior. Don’t panic if you haven’t mastered the basics yet, there are a multitude of online training courses, including free ones. To find your way through the mountain of content: watch the thumbs up. The number of views is generally a good qualitative thermometer.

9. Become a graphic designer

Do you have a sense of aesthetics? An appetite for design or art? Do you have some experience in editing and image software? An opportunity may be opening up in graphic design. Again, you will have to go through the training box. But this activity can constitute a lucrative parallel income and even, who knows, turn, in the long term, into a good career.

10. Learn to code

“main( ) { printf(“hello, world\n”); }”: do you know how to speak code? If not yet, there’s still time to hone it. Because unraveling the mysteries of this a priori abstruse language could be very rewarding. To decipher this strange grammar, consider the coding bootcamp, which will give you a general overview of the job. Then just find the training adapted to the level of language you are aiming for, like the Wagon. The avalanche of possibilities is yours.

11. Sell your photos

Most websites use open source images from stock photo platforms. Very often the images are free, but users can tip the photographer. On some sites, the photographer receives a commission from the hosting site. He can also sell his talent on social networks like Instagram. The opportunity to transform a creative look into a lucrative activity?

12. Give private lessons

Many children have suffered from a degraded education during the pandemic. To catch up, some parents are looking for private teachers, face-to-face or remotely. At 20 euros on average for a French or English course (but this varies between 10 and 150 depending on expertise and level of study), private lessons represent an interesting additional income. To develop this activity, you can register with an organization or a platform, which will put you in touch with customers, for a commission on your courses. If you prefer to go solo, it is better to spread this information on your social networks or via your close network.

13. Sell your clothes online

Your closet is overflowing with clothes, some of which still bear the purchase tag. It’s time to play Marie Kondo and let go of everything that doesn’t make you dream. Sell ​​by pack, by charging low prices or possibly bartering, on Vinted, la Reboucle, Vide dressing, or Once again. If you have a mercantile soul and a solid knowledge of fashion, it can be interesting to find beautiful vintage pieces to resell them at inflated prices. Second-hand luxury is booming and should even know, according to a McKinsey reportan annual growth rate of 10 to 15% over the next ten years.

14. Do voiceovers

“With this cream, your skin will always be soft and silky!”. The voices in advertisements don’t always sound human… they are! If you have a good tone of voice or a unique voice, it would be interesting to experiment with voice-overs, for advertising slogans or animations. No degree or certification required. Just a very good mic.

15. Consider passive income

Who can do more can do less. Passive income requires very little active management or input. Traditionally, there are stocks first, which will pay off over time. But you can also invest in the rental of housing, storage space or even parking space. This provides a steady stream of income and requires little maintenance or expense.

16. Create and monetize your Youtube videos

A third of young people want to become vloggers on YouTube, according to a survey conducted in 2019. Not so surprising, when you know how juicy the market is: 5 billion videos are watched every day on the online video platform. And best of all, anyone can try it out, as there are few to no barriers to entry. It is still necessary, for the thing to be profitable, that said videos generate clicks. This is where it gets harder. How to stand out in this ocean of content?

17. Become a streamer

Are Norman and Cyprien overwhelmed? Not if they become a streamer, like you, by the way. Streaming sites like Twitch allow anyone to live stream a performance online. Many aficionados broadcast live video game footage. If you’re an avid gamer and have enough verve to make the game thrilling, you might as well make this time-consuming entertainment a living!

18. Invest in a startup

Investing in an up-and-coming start-up isn’t just for big venture capitalists. Through sites like Crowdcube, anyone can now put a little money into a start-up business that will then pay you, in cash or some other form, if it succeeds and grows. While traditional stock market investing may seem impersonal and artificial, putting your money into crowdfunding is a good solution to keep in touch with the founders of the project and follow their progress, step by step.

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